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What are the common rolling blind fabric knowledge?

Issuing time:2021-12-27 16:59

What are the common rolling blind fabric knowledge? In recent years, roller blind fabric is more and more loved by consumers because of its strong mobility, good shading performance and not easy to aging. Want to know about roller blind fabric? Xiaobian will take you to understand.

1、 Roller blind fabric classification

Classification by performance is as follows:

Sunscreen fabric. The socalled sunscreen fabric is that small holes similar to pinholes are formed on the fabric through the weaving process. Because it can penetrate part of the sun, it is also called landscape fabric.

The main feature is that it can not only transmit light, but also block ultraviolet rays. It is the choice of office buildings and office places.

Semi shading fabric. It is mainly between shading and sunshine fabrics. The light transmittance is higher than sunshine fabrics, but it can not completely block the sun. It can block ultraviolet radiation.

Full shading fabric. Mainly after coating processing, such as white coating, silver coating, etc. Or use double-sided scratch coating. So that the fabric has full shading performance. It is suitable for places with strong sunlight or environments without light, such as bedroom, video room, etc.

Classification by fabric material is as follows:

Polyester filament. This kind of fabric is widely used in home and engineering because of its low production cost and wide application. The product style is relatively single. Most of the fabrics are flat Oxford cloth. The finishing process adopts dyeing or scraping. There are also some printing products. No matter which process, high sun exposure raw materials need to be used.

Polyester staple fiber. One of the characteristics of this kind of fabric is close to nature, the fabric has a three-dimensional feeling and is rich in change. In particular, the use of some fancy yarns makes the fabric present a variety of styles, which can more meet the needs of different consumers.

Jacquard. These products are newly developed in the market in recent years. On the basis of short fiber fabrics, through the change of pattern, they enrich the types of products and endow roller blinds with more design sense and popular elements.

Warp knitted fabrics, engineering yarn, rotten yarn, etc. At present, this kind of product is still a minority product in the market, but with the continuous improvement of the process, there will be extensive market demand in the future.


2、 Fabric door width of common roller blind fabric

With the renewal of coating finishing equipment and process, the door width of roller blind fabric has developed from the conventional narrow door width to the current 280cm and 300cm, which makes the fabric more flexible in cutting, greatly reduces the loss of fabric and saves cost.

3、 Market demand and distribution of roller blind fabric

The main function of roller blind fabric is to block light and prevent sunlight. Therefore, there will be a great demand in tropical areas or high sunshine areas.

1. Domestic market. Due to the climate in the south, the sales of roller blinds in the domestic market are mainly in the south. Some consumers will also choose roller blinds in some northern regions due to strong ultraviolet rays.

2. Foreign markets. It is mainly in South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States.

The above is the basic knowledge of some rolling blind fabric. The scope of knowledge is limited. If there are deficiencies, please communicate.

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